RMA Procedures

Besides RMA and warranty handling of products, we offer comprehensive repair services including the replacement of worn parts and defective components.

Please let us check first wether a return shipment is really necessary!

Before you return parts or products, please contact your Sales contact person or if not available our Technical Support, staff via our website. In most cases problems can be solved by reviewing our FAQ's or a step by step help from our technical staff all without a return shipment of your order.

Please do not send back parts or products, which have been damaged on the transport from Fineman.  Report the damage immediately to the carrier and your transport insurance as we ship all of our orders FOB our plant. According to our general terms and conditions, we deliver goods FOB, and assume no liability for damages during transport.

How does the RMA procedure take place?

Step 1)

Please visit our website and request an RMA number by using the RMA form. Fill in all related informations number before attempting to return parts and/or products. Due to our warranty procedure, we can not process return shipments without an RMA number and the goods will be shipped back to you at your expenses that have not been issued an RMA number. To receive an RMA number, please click here.

IMPORTANT: FINEMAN will only accept parcels that have an RMA number.


Step 2)

Your request will be checked and you will receive an RMA number or a notice that your request has been rejected. You need to have your customer account number, our invoice number, date of our invoice, our part number and a detail reason that you are requesting authorization to make this return. Please try to describe your problem as precise as possible.

Customers are not allowed to issue a debit or short pay any invoices. Credit(s) will only be issued to the customers account after the product is fully tested and it is determined to be covered under warranty and not a customer fault. Customers who attempt to take credits or short pay an invoice will be re-debited.


Step 3)

1. Send the product suitably packaged with carriage and insurance paid. Do not enclose any accessories with the products (no cables, CD's, memory cards, manuals, etc.), unless the FINEMAN Service Centre specifies otherwise. The product is under your responsibility while in transit. FINEMAN is not liable for any transportation damage. Such kind of damages are not covered by the warranty of the product.

2. Mark the RMA number on the outside of the package in such a way that it is visible and clearly legible.

3. You must enclose a copy of the sales slip as proof of purchase.

4. Once FINEMAN has received the product, it will meet its warranty obligations in accordance with the warranty conditions and will return the product to the sender with carriage and insurance paid.  


Step 4)

At the sole discretion of Fineman, parts and/or products that are within warranty period, will be either be repaired or replaced after an analysis of the defect part(s) is determined by Fineman and that the failure of the part(s) and/or product was not caused by customer. Parts and/or products that are past the manufacturers warranty period and/or the damage was caused by the customer, or no damage can be determined will be repaired at the then standard rate of per full hour of service or portion thereof, plus the cost of any required parts to fix or repair the part(s) or product.  Fineman reserves the right to use refurbished or remanufactured parts. Therefore contact us prior to attempting to send back any parts or products using this website.


Step 5)

The repaired parts will be sent back to you. Please note that the cost quoted for non-warranty repairs are estimates only and only valid for 10 days from the date of issuance. The final cost will be billed upon completion of the approved work and billed under our General Terms and Conditions apply.


Service outside of warranty

FINEMAN can refuse any service claim made that is not covered by the warranty. If FINEMAN agrees to provide a service outside the warranty, the customer will be invoiced for all repair and transport costs.  

FINEMAN will not accept any packages that have not first been approved by FINEMAN by means of an RMA (Return Material Authorization).