Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a native resolution?

Native resolution is the physical count of pixels on the monitor. Other resolutions become scaled to fit the physical pixels and it results in a more washed out and blurred image. Thus, on LCDs it is the best to run your display in native resolution for best image quality (sharper, more colorful). Usually, the native resolution is simply stated in the description of the item.

DVI (digital) or VGA (analog)?

This is an easy decision, it simply depends on what your video card supports. Analog is for the older and cheaper cards but DVI is strongly overtakes today's market share. Therefore, before buying a monitor for a VGA connection consider updating your video card to have an ability to utilize a DVI connector and buy a monitor with DVI connection.

What is the Display Port ?

The latest input for the monitors is a Display Port. It is a cheap, license free alternative to its more costly HDMI cousin with a few advantages over DVI. For now the Display Port is featured in the most new and ultra expensive screens and is expected to be the next popular standard for computer monitors.

What is the Viewing Angle ?

The viewing angle is the maximum angle a display can be viewed at with an acceptable visual performance. If you are standing directly before the monitor and looking right in the center, you witness the best picture. However, if you are to move either way sideways, you would see that the image becomes darker and at some point even it inverts the colors... The LCD technology is not perfect and does suffer from viewing angle problem where any viewing at an angle gives you a worse picture depending how far you have deviated from the center.

What is an LED-Backlight ?

There is a new technology in LCDs monitors. It is a special back lighting that is using LEDs. Overall, this new technology allows for better contrast, truer and wider range of colors, plus monitors require less energy to operate. In addition, it is believed that this new LED backlight will help avoid current common backlight failures that are a result of the current cold cathode fluorescent lamp technology.

Where the DIN6868-57 for Medical Displays is prescribed ?

At the moment the DIN6868-57 is used only in Germany. Austria and Switzerland using a similar regulation based mainly on the german DIN. There is no no international regulation available but workgroups are working on this already.

Why a special keyboard for medical can decrease infection risk ?

As this keyboards are designed to have a more plain surface which is easy to be cleaned and some of them can also indicate the need of disinfection by an integrated timer this can reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Why a fanless panel PC is better in medical enviroment ?

All kind of fanless PCs are free from noise and reduce the possibility of the spread of infection

What is MRSA ?

Staphylococcus aureus (staph) is a bacteria commonly found on the skin and in the nose of healthy people. Some staph bacteria have developed resistance to certain antibiotics commonly used to treat staph infections, and are called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA.