Pole Mounting

Pole Mounting Solutions

Pole Mounting Solutions

Monitoring of complex patient informations at the hospital bed is one example of the integration of electronic devices and systems into the healthcare workflow of todays hospitals. In order not to make the integration of such systems as easy as possible the mount to poles is the best solution as they are existing already. The growing integration of IT technology into the workflow of every medical process creates a increasing demand for mounting solutions not only for IT equipment but also for medical devices and monitoring systems.

  • Easy-to-clean
  • Anti-bacterial surfaces
  • Smooth operation by slow-flowing gas-filled spring
  • 6-fold safety factor
  • Equipotential bonding with all variable height arms
  • Recyclable material
  • Products available non magnetic for MRI applications
  • Integrated cable management (Patent pending)
  • 3 years warranty

Features & Benefits

Appearance and design

prove our readiness for innovation and attention to detail. Functionality and design can meet if during the development both factors were taken into consideration.


Having listened to what medical professionals want, our product range of mounting solutions can be expanded with various available accessories. Power Supply Holster or CPU Holder, Basket or Cable Hook are also available such as consoles and

Modularity and flexibility

This system enables us to meet individual requirements and amendments.As nearly every application inside a hospital requires unique and customized solutions.

Easy-to-clean and antibacterial surfaces

To meet the hospitals’ high hygienic demands we have developed our products according to clinical research and the experience out of the market. If possible surfaces are plain and without breaches and gaps to reduce any risk. 

Integrated cable duct

is the response to the demands of the marketplace.

To be used with different pole diameter

Pole mount systems are available in two versions:

Pole clamp 35 mm: suitable for poles with a diameter of 25 mm

Pole clamp V-block: for poles with a diameter of 20 – 40 mm