Medical Keyboard designed for use in the most sensitive areas of hospital and medical environments

Medical Keyboard designed for use in the most sensitive areas of hospital and medical environments

Infections in Hospitals becoming more and more one of the problems of today. Several Studies have recognized computer input devices such as keyboards and mice playing a large part in the spread of common hospital infections. Keyboards used in healthcare typically have many users, so the spread of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) through cross-contamination from and to patients by healthcare workers can be the result with fatal consequences—particularly if methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) exist in the hospital.The uneven surface of a keyboard makes it easy for bacteria to escape cleaning, when and if it takes place. Infection-control medical keyboards that feature a flatter design that can be quickly cleaned in place with hospital-grade disinfectants to combat cross-contamination can be the solution for this problems. Users can touch-type with excellent tactile key response to swiftly document care.

  • Antibacterial Protection       
  • Backlight Illumination
  • Wireless with USB Docking Station
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces Cross Contamination

Features & Benefits


Designed for the use in the most sensitive areas of hospitals and medical enviroments, the Medi-Key helps to prevent the spread of infection with its innovative Human Computer Interface. An alarm can be set to remind the user to clean the keyboard. If a keyboard is cleaned every hours one time the level of contamination can be reduces by 95 % is the result of existing studies. Researchers collected samples from 25 computer keyboards at various locations inside University of North Carolina hospitals and found that each keyboard was infected with at least two types of bacteria, reports the science portal HealthCentral. Easy cleaning and the use of a Silver based inorganic anti-microbial agent, reduces the spread of infection from cross-contamination.

Back Illumination

Medi-Key´s inbuilt key illumination offers exceptional usability in low level darkness and during photosensitive applications or procedures.The level of illumination can be easily adjusted by the user holding the functional and arrow keys.

Wireless with USB Docking System

The keyboard can be used either wired(USB) or as a wireless device using its integrated 10m RF Wireless capabilities. Powered by an internal lithium polymer battery when used wirelessly, it will have a minimum operating time of 4 hours fully charged and will be re-charged automatically via the USB port on the terminal.

Ergonomic Design

The keyboard and touchpad are both intuitive and easy to use, offering the very best user experience based on a research with clinicians and healthcare providers. The inbuild trackpad is an convenient and familiar interface, easy to use and clean with no grooves or dirt traps.

Easy Cleanable

The smooth contours of the low height keys and their ´compress flat`design make it easy to clean in seconds. Cleaned without removal from the terminal and without immersion, reduces the spread of infection from cross-contamination. The Medi-Key has a very quiet switching action compared with other types of keyboard, making it the number one choice for bedside terminals.


The MediKey Keybaord is designed for the use in Operation Theatres, Intensiv Care Units and all other sensitive areas of a medical institute or hospital. Using computers in todays hospitals provides many advantages. However, it can also pose the risk of transmitting illness-causing bacteria from the computer keyboard to patients via the hands of their healthcare worker. The MediKey is the perfect solution to follow todays hygienic demands and requirement in a professional way. 

Technical Specifications

Model Wireless with back illumination    
Color Silicone rubber keypad: White
Base/docking station: White
Operating life 10 million cycles    
Actuating travel 1.5mm    
Actuation force 200g (+/- 20g)    
Languages Danish layout (incl. Æ, Ø, Å).
other languages available upon request (please contact us)
Wireless (Mini PCIe interface) WirelessUSBTM LS (2.4-GHz) DSSS RF interface    
Power consumption Power consumption: 30mA (Max) – operating    
Storage temperature -25°C… +65°C (-13°F… +149°F)    
Operating temperature 0°C… +55°C (+32°F… +131°F)    
IP rating IP65    
Physical characteristics      
Dimensions 280 x 211 x 29 mm    
Net Weight 0.75 Kg (1.6 lb)    
Cable length 100 mm (3.9 in)    
Mounting options Availlable for Wireless USB version only    
Compliance CE, FCC, UL60601 and UL 1950/CSA 22.2 950