Wireless USB Keyboards

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Wireless USB Keyboards

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Harmful bacteria can linger on computer keyboards in hospitals and clinics, making it easy for the germs to spread to patients, a new study finds. To combat the problem specialists are suggesting that those using multi-user computers should wash their hands after each use. In addition, computer keyboards should be disinfected regularly.

Also computer keyboards in schools and libraries should be disinfected often to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria (for example “swine flu“ etc).

The use of computer in hospitals and other health-care facilities is multiplying rapidly and it need to be determined whether keyboards could be a reservoir for the transmission of bacteria that people are afraid of in hospitals.

Effective hand washing can prevent the spread of these bacteria and Health-care workers, after being in contact with keyboards, need to really wash their hands before they come in contact with patients.

But in addition keyboards should be disinfected after each use. As standard computer keyboards cannot be disinfected in a professional way the need of special designed keyboards in all sensitive areas is increasing more and more.

Our keyboard range helps to monitor its own cleaning status to protect healthcare workers and patients. The special design allows easy cleaning while giving a very good tactile feedback hc allows high speed data entry . The intergrated keypad avoids the problems on conventional mouse products where a rolling ball can collect bacteria.