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Qubyx Calibrating Software

PerfectLum is a software to calibrate and verify medical displays that are used for Diagnostics or Viewing of medical images coming in widest sense from biological- medical- imaging, radiology, radiological sciences, endoscopy, Tomography, Ultrasound, medical photography and microscopy.

For some fields like Radiology and Mammography some national and international standards are existing to secure image display quality. PerfectLum is calibrating to those standards like AAPMTG18, DIN6868, IEC, JESRA, DICOM. For some application fields no standard is existing yet, but PerfectLum already grants today best image displaying quality due to meticulous color and luminance calibration with up to 13bit precision.

  • DICOM calibration       
  • Automated Quality assurance
  • Color calibration
  • Ambient Light compensation
  • White level adjustment

Features & Applications


An easy installation and a fast set-up time don’t require a substantial amount of hospital resources as An easy remote installation and a fast set-up time accelerate the complete project acceptance by the facility. Remote and proactive interventions reduce unforeseen downtime and optimize workload. As  a result of this comfort there is no need to have a service engineer on site all the time.  Remote issue diagnosis and problem solving involves less traveling.

Matching of Display

Helps to match more than one display with a master display.

Reference calibration

Displays can be matched across the network.


Bundled with a built in scheduler for performing tasks.

Remote Management

Display can be managed remotely using the Remote manager.

Uniformity correction

Makes the display luminance uniform all over the display.


PerfectLum can be used as a single client application or in combination with a server. The server give the possibility to verify and control displays from distance over a easy to use browser interface. With the remote management function a system administrator can control all the displays directly from his workstation.


PerfectLUM Client module offers:

  • Calibration to a certain white level
  • Calibration to DICOM GSDF
  • Calibration to Gamma and CIE L standard
  • Calibration to certain color temperatures and xy coordinates
  • Calibration of display uniformity with Matrox Xenia board
  • Verification of DICOM GSDF conformance
  • Verification of display colors and luminance
  • Verification of display uniformity
  • Visual display verification with Testpattern like Briggs, SMPTE, AAPM
  • Detailed History database with graphs for each calibration and white level consistency over time
  • Calibration of up to 8 displays connected to the same workstation

Remote management part

  • Verification of display status
  • Remotely start or schedule calibrations and verifications
  • Automatic alerts are send to the managers
  • Perform or Schedule Calibrations remotely
  • Recieve display performance alerts
  • Analyse display performance using the history
  • Possibility to perform tasks over internet
PerfectLUM Remote management server helps the administrators to maintain a consistent image reproduction across the network. With its simple user interface and powerful features, managing a medical display network is very easy.

DDC/ci & Serial communication

  • The Corrected LUT can be stored directly into display, if the supports it
  • PerfectLUM can store LUT into display by communicating with display both by using DDCci or Serial communication
  • Using this feature PerfectLUM can perform calibrate display without any human interaction

Maching of display & Reference calibration

  • Matching of displays make two displays to look similar. It is achieved by adjusting the luminance to the same level and performing the calibration
  • Reference calibration is similar to Matching of displays except it is done across the networked computers

Built-in Scheduler

  • PerfectLUM comes with a fully featured Scheduler application
  • Scheduler application will start along with windows and closes only when windows shutdown
  • Tasks can be scheduled and repeated at regular intervals like weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.