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With the increasing reliance on PACS imaging, high-grade softcopy quality assurance has never been more important than it is today. Diagnostic display systems need to be perfectly reliable, since their uptime of is critical for the productivity of the radiology department. At the same time, hospitals are challenged to find creative financial solutions to optimize their resources. Barco QA-Web is the industry's first and most complete secured online service offering, guaranteeing maximum diagnostic confidence and uptime of your PACS display systems by providing features which supports QA in medical environments.

  • DICOM calibration
  • Automated Quality assurance
  • Display Asset Management
  • Reporting

Features & Applications


An easy installation and a fast set-up time don’t require a substantial amount of hospital resources as an easy remote installation and a fast set-up time accelerate the complete project acceptance by the facility. Remote and proactive interventions reduce unforeseen downtime and optimize workload. As a result of this comfort there is no need to have a service engineer on site all the time.  Remote issue diagnosis and problem solving involves less traveling.

Consistent QA management

MediCal QAWeb provides remote yet secured and HIPAA-compliant QA management. It ensures effortless diagnostic confidence for the radiologist without interrupting the workflow.

Compliance with the latest QA standards

Diagnostic display systems are permanently monitored for continuous compliance with DIN 6868-57, AAPM TG18, and JIRA.

Effortless asset management

Centralized management of diagnostic displays becomes truly effortless. Asset management tools provide a comprehensive overview of the workstations connected to the MediCal QAWeb Server.

Various service levels to fit your needs

Various service levels provide support for improved logistics, service management and even remote diagnosis and issue solving.

A unique and innovative business model

The innovative MediCal QAWeb concept suits the needs of every healthcare facility. A simple pay-as-you-go fee guarantees the continuous quality and performance of all PACS display systems.


QAWeb is used to supply best performance by using medical displays so that Radiologists and QA technologists enjoy consistent grayscale and color quality at minimum effort. For the perfect management of all installed displays QAWeb can be easily used. Asset management gives a clear view on the installed base and improves service and planning of exchange need.


MediCal QAWeb for Radiology Managers and PACS Administrators ...

  • Maximized PACS workstation usage with highest diagnostic confidence
    • Rapid, intervention-free calibration and Quality Assurance
    • Effortless compliance with medical standards
    • Ultra-fast issue identification and automated corrective actions
  • Optimum asset management and budget control from anywhere, at any time
    • PACS display system management via a secured, online service
    • Easy budget reports enable full cost control
    • A flexible solution for any healthcare facility, regardless of size

MediCal QAWeb for IT Managers ...

  • Easy central management with minimum effort
    • Fast setup with automated calibration and quality assurance
    • Notifications in case of possible issues
    • Highest uptime thanks to remote capabilities from your desk, or from anywhere throughout the web
  • Secured and worry-free service solution for all medical workstations
    • Secure and HIPAA compliant
    • Easy compliance to internationally accepted guidelines (AAPM, JCAHO, /medical/qa.)
    • Monthly activity reports in your mailbox

MediCal QAWeb for QA Technologists ...

  • Life becomes so much easier
    • Intervention-free calibration and Quality Assurance while radiologists can continue to work
    • Rapid issue identification and prompt initiation of appropriate corrective actions, resulting in maximum uptime of the medical workstations
    • Easy to start with a QA policy/easy to control more displays
  • Central management of calibration and Quality Assurance according to international standards
    • DICOM calibration, tracking and remote control
    • Centralized, customizable Quality Assurance
    • Generic and detailed reports

MediCal QAWeb for Physicists ...

  • Effortless compliance with internationally accepted medical guidelines
    • Automated DICOM calibration
    • Intervention-free Quality Assurance while radiologists can continue to work
  • Central control of all PACS displays from anywhere
    • Central management of all calibration details
    • Customizable central QA policy control with specific tests, frequencies, tolerances, /medical/qa.
    • Detailed history reports for trend analysis

MediCal QAWeb for Radiologists /medical/qa.

  • 100% confidence in the equipment you use to make life-critical decisions in seconds
    • Continuous calibration
    • Transparent Quality Assurance
    • Central control from the QA technologist
    • Internationally accepted compliance reports
  • Always available workstations
    • Highest uptime through fast issue identification and remote support