Ikegami HD Camera

Ultra Compact HD Camera

Ultra Compact HD Camera

The HDL-20DI is a compact and light-weight High-Definition camera for various applications where high quality HD picture is required. Especially, the HDL-20DI is suitable for various medical applications with high sensitivity performance such as operation microscope camera system and no shadow lighting camera system.

  • 2.2 Million pixels
  • 2000 Lux/F8.0
  • Newly developed ASIC 12Bit A/D Conversion
  • Ultra compact 0,2Kg
  • Various Video Outputs

Features & Benefits


All components used in this products are Non-hazardous, Toxic Free, Non-Lead materials and parts conforming with Japan’s Green Regulation, EU’s RoHs Directions, and other environmental and hazardous chemical substances related regulation and laws.


The HDL-20DI is a full 1080i high performance HDTV color camera, consisting of an ultra small and light weight camera head and functional camera control unit. As the camera head is very compact, the HDL-20DI an ideal camera system for various applications, where installation space is restricted, such as Microscopy and Surgical Medical applications.

High Quality Image

A high grade digital process circuit and 2.2 Million pixels 2/3" CCD produce clear-definition image over 1000 lines(H),56dB S/N ratio, 2000 Lux/F8.0, which can meet medical application.

Newly developed ASIC 12Bit A/D Conversion

The newly developed ASIC for broadcast camera is used in the HDL-20DI, 12 bit A/D conversion and 38 bit internal digital processing to provide constantly stabilized high definition and reliability.

Compact and lightweight

The ultra compact camera head (0.2kg) has C-mount to easily replace the recent operation microscope camera system with HDL-20D camera.

4:3 Aspect Ratio Video Output

Cutout from HD video (16:9) center part to 4:3 ratio video out maintaining HD resolution. This 4:3 ratio video out image size meets microscope view angles.

Scene File Function

It can be preset for up to 4 scenes camera conditions data, PEDESTAL/GAMMA/ FLARE/DETAIL. These preset camera conditions data help you to get the best image from camera by simple operation.

Freeze Function (Option)

Simple frame image can be frozen with optional foot switch and memory.

Technical Specifications

Model HDL-20DI    
Scanning system 1125Lines/59,94Hz, 2:1 interlaced    
Lens Mount 2/3“ C-Mount    
Pickup Device 2/3” Interline Transfer CCD, 2 Chips    
Resolutions 100 TV Lines    
Resolution 1920 (H) x 1200 (V)    
S/N 56dB (Detail off, Encoder Out)    
Standard Sensitivity F8, 2000 lux    
Output Signals V:0.7Vp-p S:0.3Vp-p    
HDTV Output Analog : BNC 2-channel (BTA-S001B)    
  GBR/Y,Pb,Pr Switching    
  HD-SDI: BNC 2-channel    
SDTV Output (Option)    
  Analog : Composite BNC 2-ch    
  S-Video 1ch    
  DV Terminal: YUV 4:1:1 25Mbps    
Input Phase Std Signal Ternary SYNC 0.6Vp-p 1ch    
Audio Input DV Terminal Stereo Input -10bd 10KOhm    
Gain Up 0, +3, +6, +12bd Selectable    
Input Power AC 90V~132V/180V~264V +/- 10%    
Power Consumption Less Than 100VA    
Temperature -10C ~ +45C    
Camera Head 42,5mm(W) x 54mm(H) x 75mm(D)    
CCU 290mm(W) x 97mm(H) x 400mm(D)    
Weight UL60601-1,CSA C22.2 No.601.1 (cUL) and EN60601-1    
Camera Head 0,25kg    
CCU 10,0kg    
Safety Approval IEC60601-1, UL60601-1 approved