Totoku Endoscopic Line

High-resolution multiformat display system with LED backlight and HD-SDI

Totoku Endoscopic Line (CCL-series)

Features and Specials

Designed for endoscopic use …

High quality IPS monitor designed to meet the high demands set within medical video.

The Endoscopic Line from Totoku uses an advanced video chip that can handle and adjust both picture orientation and scaling in order to keep sharpness and image quality intact. Such an area of use would be connection to endoscopy equipment where it is very important to have a wide color spectrum with preserved image orientation and high-quality.

The multiformat monitors in the Endoscopic Line accept almost every video format and input.

The Endoscopic Line is Medical approved according EN60601-1-2.

Specialties from Totoku Endoscopic Line:

Multiple interfaces

Endoscopic Line is compatible with both analog (VGA, BNC and S-Video) and digital (DVI, HD-SDI and HDMI) inputs. The monitors has many multiple in- and outputs.

High contrast and LED backlight

A contrast ratio of 1000:1 and a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees horizontal and vertical.
Realized the power saving by the LED backlight.

User-friendly OSD controls and control button

The OSD adjustments are achieved only by control buttons. The OSD control panel has easy-to-understand icons for quick and easy operation.