Olorin Vista Line

High Luminance mixed with high performance and high quality

Olorin VistaLine - Clinical Displays

Features and Specials

VC190D has got an front sensor Integrated.

With a native resolution of 1920x1080/Full HD (22") and 1280x1024 (19") the displays in the VC- and VL-series offer the performance needed for medical imaging reading.

The displays are equipped with ALS (Automatic Luminance Stabilization) so the monitor quickly reach the preinstalled brightness level and then retain it constantly.

Perfect Lum software for DICOM-14 calibration is included. Calibrated values are saved automatically in the monitors internal LUT 10 bit (1024) greyscale.
With Perfect Lum QA software (option) on a central server all connected monitors can be under surveillance.

With Glass protection the VL221D-series can be used in operation rooms and easily be cleaned with desinfection liquid.
Glas protection is standard at the VL221D !