Olorin Medic Line

High Luminance mixed with high performance - E60601 & DICOM-14

Olorin Medic Line - all medical approved according E60601-1 and DICOM-14

Features and Specials

All Olorin's Medic Line monitors are medical grade and approved according to EN60601-1, FCC, CE for use within close vicinity of patients.

These products can be used for several medical applications:

- Displays with IP-class protection to be used inside operation rooms and intensive care units. Also monochrome monitors.

- Displays with preprogrammed greyscale range curve in accordance with DICOM 14. Devised especially for the displaying and diagnostics of X-Ray pictures in grayscale.

- Displays with Video-Inputs and optimized scaling function for  patients monitoring systems, adapted with video input to be used with  equipment for which s-video or a composite video inputs are required.