Barco Surgical & Modality Display Color 58" (MDSC-8258)

58-Inch surgical color LCD display (with LED backlight)

Slimline 58-inch Quad HD surgical display

Today´s equipment-packed operation theathers gives more and more challenges to the people working in this areas. Surgical teams are faced with a growing need for imaghing solutions that centralize all critical informationon on one screen to make it visible for everyone inside the room at the same time. By providing large High Definition flat panel technology for the surgical room Barco´s 58-inch surgical display is responding to this demand.
- AVAILABLE IN THREE VERSIONS (see specs for details)!

  • 58-inch wide-screen color LCD with Quad HD resolution
  • 8MP Ultra-high resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels)
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Perfect reliability in bright surgical enviroments
  • Advanced image processing algorithms
  • Crisp image and video representations
  • HD Endoscopy ready
  • Non-reflective protective front cover
  • Artifact free images
  • Fanless design for minimum risk of contamination
  • Remote control over RS-232
  • 2 sets of 2 x Dual-Link DVI inputs (DVI-D x4)
  • Longlife, lowpower LED backlight
  • Slim and lightweight design; medical-grade compliance

Features & Benefits


The MDSC-8258 is a slimline, large-screen surgical display with LED backlight, featuring a 58-inch LCD panel with Quad HD resolution (3840 x 2160). With a native resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels the 16:9 widescreen presents all kind of patient informations, pathology images and endoscopic video with pinpoint precision on a active area of 1270 x 721 mm. The HD resolution LCD panel delivers bright and crisp pictures, perfect presentation of surgery images.

Reliable and safe performance

The large-size, ultra high-resolution LCD screen offers a safer and more efficient alternative to multi-monitor configurations deployed in surgical environments. The optional configuration with a redundant power supply architecture (RL) ensures stable and reliable operation in the most critical conditions.

Remote Control for central access 

The user-friendly HD displays can easily be integrated into surgical environments with a central control system. Using the build in RS-232 or RJ45 communication ports users can control the display remotely and adjust display setting including the switching of video inputs from anywhere in the operating room.

Designed for the operating suite

An anti-reflective protective front glass allows the monitor to be cleaned and disinfected (IPX1 compliant), while its fan-less design avoids the spread of contaminants in the operating room.

Wide viewing angle

For optimal viewing comfort under varying light conditions, the display's ambient light sensor can be configured to switch the backlights to a lower level when the ambient light has dropped below a user-defined threshold. The wide viewing angle of 176° ensures that detailed information is visible for everyone in the surgery room.


The MDSC-8258 has been designed for use in hybrid operating rooms, interventional X-ray and cardiovascular suites. The MDSC-8258 delivers accurate DICOM-compliant grayscale and color images with ultra-low latency, making it the preferred choice for real-time critical imaging.

Technical Specifications

Model MDSC-8258    
Display technology SMVA    
Pixel density 3840 x 2160 Pixels x 3 colors    
Active screen (WxH) 1270 x 721 mm    
Response time 8.5 ms    
Resolution QFHD    
Maximum luminance (typ.) 700 cd/m2    
Aspect ratio: 16:9    
Contrast ratio
(dark reading room, typ.)
Viewing angle 176°    
Video input 2 x Dual Dual-Link DVI, selectable    
Gamma curve Adjustable from 1.4 to 3.2 (with COLOR Transfer Function selected)    
Color gamut 9300 K / 72% NTSC    
Optical Transfer Function NATIVE / DICOM / COLOR / USER LUT    
Color temperature From 2000 K to 12000 K (with COLOR Transfer Function selected)    
Colors depth 10 bit    
Remote Control Serial RS-232 (D-Sub9) or Serial Link over Ethernet (RJ45) selectable    
Display dimensions landscape (WxHxD) 1318 x 776 x 146 mm    
Versions MDSC-8258 L: without glass and without redundant power supply
MDSC-8258 RL: without glass and with redundant power supply
MDSC-8258 RLG: with glass and with redundant power supply
Display weight 59 kg (with glass, 49 kg w/o)    
Approvals IEC 60601-1, IEC 60601-1-2, EN 55011 - Class A, CISPR11 -
Class A, EN55024, CISPR24, C-UL-US, FCC, Demko, CE
Operating temp. 0° to 35°C
Surface treatment Anti-glare coating (haze 1%)    
Mounting VESA 400    
Power consumption (typ.) 500 W (30 W stand-by)