Barco Eonis

Excellent cleanability and a sleek smart design - Built with dentists in mind...

Barco Dental Line - the Eonis serie

Features and Specials

Built with dentists in mind …

As a dentist, you’re concerned about delivering the best possible care for your patients. So you rely on the highest-quality dental equipment, invest in digital imaging and have created a modern office where patients feel at ease.

To further highlight your professionalism, Barco has now developed a brand-new dental display range that meets all your imaging needs. Based on the input of hundreds of dentists around the world, it includes precisely those features that dentists need: infection control, precise images, and an attractive, versatile design.

Barco’s Eonis dental displays combine excellent cleanability and a sleek, smart design with the image quality that Barco is renowned for. It provides dentists with the precision they need to make confident decisions and deliver ultimate patient care.

The Eonis dental display perfectly answers a series of needs that many dentists will recognize: an attractive, versatile design, excellent cleanability and bright, consistent image quality.

Here’s three reasons why you’ll love Eonis:

Exceptionally cleanable

The white Eonis has a protective front glass panel and is fully sealed, making it exceptionally cleanable. In this way, you can easily disinfect your display between patient appointments, to ensure decontamination.

Smart, attractive design

Sleek, white and with rounded corners, the Eonis will blend perfectly into your dental practice. Its smart design further fosters safety, flexibility and ergonomics. You can mount it on an arm or install it on your desk, wherever you feel it’s best to view images and discuss them with your patients.

Exceptional image quality

Eonis provides dentists with crisp, razor-sharp, high-contrast images that show every detail. The unique front sensor and MediCal QAWeb services ensure you see the same, consistent images at all times.