Totoku Diagnostic Line (MS25i2)

2MP | 21" Grayscale Display System with LED-backlight

2MP High Brightness Grayscale Display

The MS25i2 is equipped with a number of new technologies and can provide a luminance of 1900cd/m².

The MS25i2 is very suitable for Image reproduction by the ISD technology*.
MS25i2 is a unique Cost-effective display that achieves 6M ISD resolution, utilizing a 2MP panel and the unique subpixel-drive technology. By utilizing the revolutionary subpixel drive technology, the MS25i2 provides comparatively the same resolution as a 6 MP display, without the extra costs typically associated with higher resolution displays.

  • IPS-LED panel with Frontprotection
  • Highest Luminance 1900cd² | High contrast 1400:1
  • 6MP by ISD (Independent Sub-pixels Drive) technology*
  • Luminance Stabilizing System ?-Sentinel
  • Luminance Equalizer ?-Uniformity Congruence
  • DICOM Conformance Self-testing function
  • 5 Years Warranty



Features & Benefits


By adopting the new generation of energy saving IPS panel with LED backlight, MS25i2 has achieved a very high luminance and contrast ratio, and provides brighter and crisper images.
The display can be connected to PM Medivisor (option), a online QA-management service provided through a centralized server.

Independent Sub-pixels Drive (ISD technology)

The MS25i2 is equipped with ISD technology* to accept higher resolution output from modality devices as a major breakthrough. ISD technology provide a resolution of more than 6MP.
*Customized viewer software is required!

DICOM conformance Self-testing function

DICOM conformance test can be easily performed as an OSD function of the display.

Luminance Equalizer ?-Uniformity Congruence

Is built in to achieve highly accurate luminance uniformity across the screen. Luminance unevenness is minimized in the final tune-up prior to shipping.

Luminance Stabilizing System ?-Sentinel

?-Sentinel consists of a luminance sensor and a luminance control circuit. The luminance sensor is integrated into the front bezel, directly against the screen, and constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen surface by sending feedback instantaneously to the control circuit. An Ambient light sensor is also built-in so that calibration appropriate for the effects of ambient luminance is carried out.


CT/MR and Thorax CT/CR.

Technical Specifications