Totoku Diagnostic Line

High resolution, high luminance and ultra-crisp images

Totoku Diagnostic Line (i2 model)

Features and Specials

With over 30 years of innovation, TOTOKU Display delivers high resolution, high luminance, ultra-crisp images. Available in grayscale or color, single or multi-head configurations, from 1.3MP to 6MP. TOTOKU have a turnkey display system your radiologists will enjoy.

In addition, with its pivot function, it can be used in either landscape of portrait position.

The displays are equipped with a Unique built-in luminance stabilizing circuit so the monitor quickly reach the preinstalled brightness level and then retain it constantly.

Three different sensors permanently monitor the status of all i2 models from TOTOKU (Ambient light sensor, Frontsensor & Backlight sensor).

TOTOKU's i2 model is a new generation of high-performance displays that integrate luminance stabilization technology, and remote monitoring software that automatically tracks display integrity.

TOTOKU Display System designed and developed for medical imaging are equipped with a calibration function and a luminance stabilizing system to maintain grayscale characteristics that conform to DICOM GSDF over long periods of time.

The built-in 16Bit LUT selects the most appropriate shades of gray to realize finer and smoother grayscale.

Eco-frindly & Energy saving - LEDs contain no mercury or other harmful elements and uses less power. Frontprotection is STANDARD for all i2 models (not the CCL650i2 -> AR only).