Barco Nio 3MP (E-3620-MA)

3 Megapixel Diagnostic Grayscale Display System

3 Megapixel Diagnostic Grayscale Display

The Nio product line is presenting an exceptional combination of performance and innovation and improves your diagnostic reading routines. The integrated 10 bit Look-Up-Table supports grayscale imaging with best performance. Highest end picture performance and QA features in combination with technologies to stabilize the high performance for a long time of use are the topics of all Nio products and defines today´s industry standard for diagnostic imaging.

  • High Brightness of 1000 cd/m2
  • High contrast ratio of 850 : 1
  • DICOM compliance
  • BLOS Technology for long-term brightness stability
  • Frontprotection integrated
  • 5 Years Warranty

Features & Benefits


The Nio 3MP is a flexible, industry-standard display solution for grayscale diagnostic imaging applications. The display features image crispness and an excellent viewing angle by display a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. Calibrated to a value of 500cd/m2 the Nio 3MP delivers high picture quality for a very long time of use.


BLOS is the Backlight Output Stabilization technology, which inside the Nio Line allows the use of the displays for a wide range of medical imaging applications. BLOS guarantees fast power-up and continuously stabilizes the luminance output of the LCD’s backlight to make sure that there is no change in your diagnostic confidence for the time of entire use of the product. This significantly improves the overall optical efficiency of your Nio display system and provides long-term image stability.

Protective Front Cover

To protect the LCD Panel installed in the Nio Fusion 4MP against any damage due to the intensive use in any kind of clinical environments, the product is delivered with an front cover. This protective panel is non-reflective coated and will be an improvement of the diagnostic experience, while keeping reflections very low.

Medical QAWeb 

This innovative and state of the art industry's first and most complete secured online service guarantees maximum diagnostic confidence and uptime of your PACS display systems. Beside DICOM calibration and automated Quality assurance also the asset management of the displays and trouble shooting are included. The reporting according to the requirements of existing regulations, such as the German DIN6868-57, is another important part of this software solution combined with the Barco Displays for Diagnostic Use.


Nio 3 MP is the ideal grayscale display solution for diagnostic use. Beside being in use in hospitals and medical institutes the display is used in private practice areas were diagnostic convidence is a must. Inside the hospital´s PACS network the display is used as well as for X-Ray, Orthopedics, Thorax images and Computed Tomography.

Technical Specifications

Model E-3620 MA    
Display technology TFT AM LCD Dual Domain IPS    
Active screen diagonal 528 mm (20.8”)    
Active screen (WxH) 423,9 x 318 mm
16.7 x 12.5"
Pixel pitch .207 mm (0.00815”)    
Resolution 2048 x 1536 / 1536 x 2048    
Maximum luminance (typ.) 1000 cd/m2    
DICOM calibrated luminance (native white) 500 cd/m2    
Contrast ratio
(dark reading room, typ.)
Viewing angle (Horizontal/Vertical, typ.) 170°    
Display LUT 10 bit grayscale    
Video input DVI    
Light output stabilization Backlight sensor BLOS    
Uniform Luminance Technology Yes    
Display dimensions portrait (WxHxD) 385 x 585 x 250 mm
15.16 x 23.03 x 9.8"
Display dimensions landscape (WxHxD) 485 x 535 x 250 mm
19.1 x 21.1 x 9.8"
Display weight 13 kg (28.7 lb)    
Approvals CE, UL60601, CSA C22.2 No
601.1, IEC60601, EN 60601-1-2,
FDA 510K, FCC level B
Operational temperature range 0° to +40°C
(+32° to +104°F)
Within spec temperature range +15° to +35°C
(+59° to +95°F)
Power consumption (typ.) 79 W