Barco Nio Line

High brightness, exceptional crispness and an excellent viewing angle for your readings.

The Barco Nio Line Displays

Features and Specials

The Nio line with it´s integrated BLOS (Backlight Output Stabilisation) is the solution for a wide range of medical applications with highest demands. Long term image stability is provided and the overall optical efficiency is improved. The image download speeds of more than 700 MB per second which can be delivered by the use of BarcoMed display controllers. This special graphiccontroller are also supporting the latest 3D CT, MR and PET applications. Nio display systems will be delivered with a protectivefront cover. This enables the easy and safe cleaning and its non reflective coating will improve image contrast while keeping reflections low.

All Nio display products are delivered with an 5-year warranty. The products are designed and manufactured to deliver maximum peace of mind and highest performance.  Products of high quality needs to be able to keep this level of quality also over the time of entire use. Our 5-year  warranty is a proof for this and will help you to reduce unscheduled downtime and keep your expences under control. Barco´s global organization is the guarantee for professional support.