Barco Coronis Fusion 10MP (MDCG-10130)

10 Megapixel wide-screen diagnostic grayscale display system

10 Megapixel Grayscale Display

Nothing less than filmless perfection; that's what you can expect from the Coronis Fusion 10MP display system. The Coronis Fusion 10MP Grayscale display provides ultimate precision and performance to the professional user. Thanks to the seamless 30" LCD screen, you can easily compare prior and current mammography images without the annoyance of a central bezel. Moreover, it allows you to review X-ray chest images or 40 full-resolution CT or MR images with superb diagnostic precision on a single screen.

  • Highest Luminance 1250cd²
  • High Resolution of 10MP (4096 x 2560)
  • DICOM Conformance
  • BLOS Technology for long-term brightness stability
  • Integrated Uniformity Correction System
  • ALC Ambient Light Compensation
  • Frontprotection integrated
  • 5 Years Warranty

Features & Benefits


Equipped with proprietary 'SmoothGray' technology for a meticulously rendered grayscale curve, the Coronis Fusion 10MP makes subtle details and lesions more noticeable than ever before. Add to this exceptionally high brightness and contrast levels, truly dark blacks and perfect geometry and you begin to understand that supreme grayscale precision has a new meaning.


BLOS is the Backlight Output Stabilization technology, which inside the Coronis Line allows the use of the displays for a wide range of medical imaging applications. BLOS guarantees fast power-up and continuously stabilizes the luminance output of the LCD’s backlight to make sure that there is no change in your diagnostic confidence for the time of entire use of the product. This significantly improves the overall optical efficiency of your Nio display system and provides long-term image stability.

Uniformity Correction

As todays LCD Technology is still suffering from non-uniform behavior across the screen Barco has developed the Uniform Luminance Correctioon Technology to compensate this negative effect.  This is the reason why we can guarantee DICOM compliance across the entire display area. To avoid false interpreted medical  images due to non uniformity this technology is a key feature of todays high end medical displays as they are delivered under the brand of Barco.

Ambient Light Compensation

The Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) is another important feature of the Coronis products. The diagnostic competence is very much influenced in a very negative way by changing ambient light conditions in the reading room. To compensate this the ALC was developed. This systems measures the ambient luminance and compares it to preset thresholds that characterize the reading room. A notification to the QA administrator can be done and the DICOM curve can be corrected in realtime.

Worry-free DICOM compliance

Continuous DICOM-quality, worry-free Quality Assurance and centralized asset management with MediCal QAWeb and I-Guard sensor technology.


The Coronis 10MP is a high-grade grayscale display system with a resolution of 4096 x 2560, and can be used in different medical applications for primary diagnosis. An ideal solution for:
• CR/DR (chest, orthopedics, pediatrics,...)
• CT (up to 40 full-resolution images)
• Digital mammography
• MRI (breast,...)

Technical Specifications

Model MDCG-10130    
Display technology TFT AM LCD Dual Domain IPS    
Active screen diagonal 761 mm (29.6")    
Active screen (WxHxD) 645 x 403 mm    
Aspect ratio (H:V) 16:10    
Pixel pitch 0.1575 mm    
Color imaging No    
Gray imaging Yes    
Resolution native 10MP (4096 x 2560)
configurable to 2 x 5MP (2048 x 2560)
Number of grayscales
(LUT in/LUT out)
1024 grey levels (10/12)    
Maximum luminance (typ.) 1250 cd/m2    
DICOM calibrated luminance 500 cd/m2 (145.93 fL)    
Contrast ratio
(dark reading room, typ.)
Viewing angle (H, V) 170°    
Video inputs DVI-D Dual Link (2x) / DisplayPort (2x)    
Image stabilization embedded I-Guard    
Uniform Luminance Technology (ULT) Yes    
Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) Yes    
Per Pixel Uniformity (PPU) No    
Backlight Output Stabilization (BLOS) Yes    
I-Guard (Front sensor technology) Yes    
Display dimensions with stand
Landscape (WxHxD)
731 x 580~670 x 270 mm    
Display dimensions w/o stand
Landscape (WxHxD)
731 x 485 x 125 mm    
Display weight with stand 24,2 kg    
Approvals EN60601-1-2,
Operational temperature range 0°C to + 40°C
(32°F to 98°F)
Within spec temperature range +15°C to +35°C
(59°F to 95°F)
Power consumption (typ.) 102 W
Power save mode Yes    
Mounting standard VESA (100 mm)    
Screen protection Protective, non-reflective glass cover    
Recommended modalities CT, MR, US, DR, CR, NM, Film    
QA software MediCal QAWeb    
Warranty 5 years