Barco Coronis 5MP Mammo (MDMG-5121)

5 Megapixel grayscale display system for digital mammography

5 Megapixel Grayscale Mammo Display

The Coronis 5MP Mammo display has been developed to meet the very specific needs of professionals in the field of Mammography. The system can gurantee high quality care and lasting efficiency. The built in high-quality components are optimized to work together smoothly. Along with a strong emphasis on quality control, Barco´s reputation for dependability and accuracy is the result of extensive technological and clinical research.

  • Highest Luminance 800cd²
  • High Resolution of 5MP
  • DICOM Conformance
  • BLOS Technology for long-term brightness stability
  • Integrated Uniformity Correction System
  • ALC Ambient Light Compensation
  • Frontprotection integrated
  • 5 Years Warranty

Features & Benefits


The Coronis 5MP Mammo grayscale display offers ultimate diagnostic confidence thanks to top-of-the-line LCD Technology. Innovative technology, such as ‘Per Pixel Uniformity’, ensures pixel-perfect images, without disturbing screen-noise, which might hide subtle details. While calibrated to 600cd/m2 and stabilized by the BLOS technology throughout its entire lifetime. The built in system for uniformity correction allows enhanced diagnostic precision with the luminance spread envenly over the full screen surface. Thanks to the integrated I-Guard Technology continous DICOM-compliant imaging is available.

DuraLight® Backlight Technology

Any high performance display should provide 100% of its 'as-new' performance during its entire lifetime. That is why the MDMG-5121 includes DuraLight®, a revolutionary backlight technology. Compared to conventional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps, the average lifetime of DuraLight® backlights is prolonged by a factor of 3 to 5, without increasing power consumption. This means that there is no need to replace the backlight during the life span of the medical display, which substantially reduces the system's cost of ownership. DuraLight® comes with a 5 year warranty.

Per Pixel Uniformity (PPU)

In mammography reading, also luminance differences as small as a few percent, on the edge of what the human eye can perceive, represent diagnostic information . In this special application it is crucial to recognize the smallest and most subtle image details. The MDMG-5121 is equipped with the unique Per Pixel Uniformity (PPU) functionality I order to provide the diagnostic confidence needed. This proprietary technology measures and adjusts the luminance output at pixel level and eliminates screen noise, thereby making each individual pixel DICOM-compliant. PPU technology operates transparently and in real-time. Thanks to Barco's PPU functionality, the MDMG-5121 is a 5MP LCD display which easily  complies with the center-to-corner luminance uniformity specified in DIN 6868-57.

Defect Pixel Compensation (DPC)

Current Liquid Crystal Displays always contain some missing pixels. Thanks to Barco's patent pending DPC technology, you can diagnose with confidence and precision.These so-called defect pixels can be a nproblem for the observer because you might miss critical information in a mammography image. To make sure that no information is missing, Barco's MDMG-5121 flat panel has Defect Pixel Compensation (DPC) technology. DPC detects and identifies the missing pixels in each individual display. In addition, Barco's user-friendly MediCal Pro software can generate a report of this information.


The Coronis 5MP Mmmo is the perfect choice for digital mammography. In a world where every detail matters, technical features and performance are not enough. It needs to be perfectly balanced with an understanding of the imaging process and of the mammography market. Barco´s advanced mammography displays have already become the preferred choice for a large number of traing and screening centers for mammography worldwide.

Technical Specifications

Model MDMG-5121    
Display technology TFT AMLCD Dual Domain IPS Grayscale    
Active screen diagonal 540.9 mm (21.3”)    
Active screen (WxH) 377.9 x 422.4 mm
13.3 x 16.6”
Pixel pitch 0.165 mm (0.0065”)    
Resolution 2048 x 2560 pixels    
Contrast ratio (dark reading room, typ.) 900:1 max    
Maximum luminance (typical) 1000 cd/m2 (342 fL) max    
DICOM calibrated luminance (native white) Factory Default 600 cd/m2 , Maximum Calibrated 850 cd/m2 (248 fL)    
Luminance uniformity 90% typical with PPU    
Viewing angle (hor./vert.) 176° (at 10:1 contrast)    
Stabilization, calibration and automated QA Embedded I-Guard    
Digital video input DVI    
Display control and communication DDC (complying to DDC2Bi)    
Digital video / DDC input connector One physical DVI connector, one cable    
USB USB-hub with 1 up- and 2 downstream ports, 1 endpoint    
Supported resolutions 2048 x 2560    
Display dimensions portrait (WxHxD) 408 x 592 x 217 mm
(16.1 x 23.3 x 8.5”)
Display weight 13.5 kg (29.7 lb)    
Ergonomics Tilt & swivel base, 100 mm VESA mounting standard, AR coated front cover    
Display controls Display on/off, backlight adjustments, OSD    
Approvals CE, UL60950, CSA C22.2 No 60950 (c-UL), CB, IEC 60950,
DEMKO EN 60950, EN 55022, EN 500082-1, FDA 510 k
Operational temperature range 0°C to + 35°C
(32°F to 95°F)
Within spec temperature range +15°C to +30°C
(59°F to 86°F)
Power requirements (extern. power supply) 0 to 264 VAC, 45 to 65Hz    
Power consumption 85 W max    
Power save Supports DVI-DMPM (when DVI input selected)