Barco Mammography

High Luminance mixed with high performance and high quality

Barco Mammography Displays (All Grayscale)

Features and Specials

Integrated BLOS (Backlight Output Stabilisation) in combination with the I-Guard Technology makes the Coronis Mammo Line to State-of-the-art in medical imaging. Twenty years of experience and innovation in diagnostics have culminated in the unrivaled Coronis display system.The high-grade Coronis 5MP display system offers unsurpassed film-like images with ultra-high resolution, luminance and contrast . The 21.3” LCD provides unequaled image quality without pixelization, a wide viewing angle and perfect geometry. Equipped with top-of-the-line LCD technology, the Coronis 5MP Mammo (MDMG-5121) offers radiologists highly

accurate grayscale images with high resolution, high contrast and perfect geometry. Innovative technology, such as 'Per Pixel Uniformity', ensures pixel-perfect images, without disturbing screen-noise, which might hide subtle details. Thanks to the DuraLight backlight technology, Coronis 5MP Mammo has a lifetime that is 3 to 5 times longer than conventional displays. The 12-bit DICOM look-up table produces 4096 simultaneous shades of gray. This provides radiologists with a higher level of diagnostic precision, making it possible to detect the most subtle of details in digital mammography images.