Barco Coronis Fusion Color 6MP LED (MDCC-6230)

6 Megapixel wide-screen diagnostic color display system with LED backlights

6 Megapixel Color Display

The Coronis Fusion 6MP is the worlds first single-head diagnostic workstation that can used as two seamless 3MP displays or also as one widescreen 6MP display. With this product you can break away from the limits of a tradional multi-head setup. Without the hindrance of a center bezel you can view more, experience more and achieve more. You will be able to read all modalities from a single and integrated display system.

  • Highest Luminance 720cd²
  • High Resolution of 3280 x 2048 pixel
  • DICOM Conformance
  • BLOS Technology for long-term brightness stability
  • Integrated Uniformity Correction System
  • ALC Ambient Light Compensation
  • Frontprotection integrated
  • 5 Years Warranty

Features & Benefits


The latest Dual Domain (IPS-Pro) LCD technology is used to bring the most advanced viewing characteristics into the applications of multi modality. The display can be used as two seemless 3MP heads for enhanced viewing comfort. It offers the possibility to organize the workspace free, allowing to read CT, MR, and echo cardiogram, or any other combination, side by side on just one single diagnostic screen.

Multi-modality PACS imaging

The Diagnostic Luminance system delivers a DICOM-calibrated luminance of 500 cd/m², allowing for simultaneous reading of color, grayscale and fused modalities. Coronal views, for instance, can now be combined with smaller MIPS and volume rendered images on the same screen to facilitate diagnostic decisions.

Uniformity Correction

As todays LCD Technology is still suffering from non-uniform behavior across the screen Barco has developed the Uniform Luminance Correctioon Technology to compensate this negative effect. This is the reason why we can guarantee DICOM compliance across the entire display area. To avoid false interpreted medical  images due to non uniformity this technology is a key feature of todays high end medical displays as they are delivered under the brand of Barco.

Automated Quality Assurance 

The latest version of MediCal QAWeb, combined with the unique I-Guard sensor, ensures fully automated image Quality Assurance with no need for human intervention. MediCal QAWeb tracks, maintains and logs viewing performance, automates QA tasks, initiates display system calibration and establishes an accurate DICOM Look-Up Table calibration.

Ambient Light Compensation

The Ambient Light Compensation (ALC) is another important feature of the Coronis products. The diagnostic competence is very much influenced in a very negative way by changing ambient light conditions in the reading room. To compensate this the ALC was developed. This systems measures the ambient luminance and compares it to preset thresholds that characterize the reading room. A notification to the QA administrator can be done and the DICOM curve can be corrected in realtime.


The new  product of the Coronis high end line the Coronis Fusion 6MP display system can be driven by a high-speed MXRT display controller which is specifically designed to support 3D PACS applications with 30-bit color precision. As a result, Coronis Fusion 6MP is ready for the latest 3D CT, MR and PET applications in combination with standard 2D PACS reading. Also very suitable for pathological applications.

Technical Specifications

Model MDCC-6230    
Display technology TFT AM Color LCD Dual Domain IPS-Pro    
Active screen diagonal 772 mm (30.4”)    
Active screen (WxHxD) 654,36 x 408,58 mm
25.76 x 16.09"
Aspect ration 16:10    
Pixel pitch 0,1995 mm (0.00785”)    
Resolution 3280 x 2048 pixels    
Color support 30 bit    
Maximum luminance (typ.) 720 cd/m2    
DICOM calibrated luminance (native white) 500 cd/m2    
Contrast ratio
(dark reading room, typ.)
Viewing angle (H, V) 178°    
Response time (typ) 18 ms (tr+tf)    
Display LUT 10-bit in / 12-bit out    
Video input 2x DVI-D Dual-Link, 2x DisplayPort    
Image stabilization Front of screen I-Guard light sensor    
Uniform Luminance Technology Yes    
Display dimensions (w/o stand)
731 x 485 x 141 mm
Display weight (incl. stand) 26,5 kg    
Approvals EN60601-1-2,
Emission Europe: (EN60601-1-2) EN 55011 Level-B,
USA: FCC Level-B,
Canada: ICES-001 Level-B,
Korea: KETI (eK) Level-B,
China: CCC Level-B,
Medical Safty Europe: CE, EN60601-1 DEMKO, USA: UL 60601-1,
Canada c-UL CSA C22.2 no 601.1,
China CCC GB4943-
Korea KETI (eK),
Japan PSE,
Housing UL 94-V0 compliant plastics    
Operational temperature range +0° to +35° C
(+32° to +95° F)
Within spec temperature range +15° to +30° C
(+59° to +86° F)
Power consumption @ 230 VAC (typ.) 125 W    
Power save mode Yes    
Mounting standard VESA (100 mm)    
Screen protection Protective, non-reflective glass cover    
Recommended modalities CT, MR, US, DR, CR, NM, Film    
QA software MediCal QAWeb    
Warranty 5 years