Barco Coronis Line

Proven performance, ultimate precision and an excellent features for your readings.

The Barco Coronis Line Displays

Features and Specials

Integrated BLOS (Backlight Output Stabilisation) in combination with the I-Guard Technology makes the Coronis Line to State-of-the-art in medical imaging. Twenty years of experience and innovation in diagnostics have culminated in the unrivaled Coronis display system. In graycale or color, in 2D or 3D; the Coronis displays help the radiologist diagnose with its ultimate precision and confidence. The Coronis display systems will be delivered with a protectivefront cover. This enables the easy and safe cleaning and its non reflective coating will improve image contrast while keeping reflections low.

Coronis displays are delivered with a five-year warranty.  Barco is the first vendor to offer this level of warranty. Since the first LCD based Coronis display was introduced more than 6 years ago this displays have earned a good reputation for reliability in various diagnostic stations all around the world. The extention of the warranty to now 5-years is another strong commitment from Barco to quality for diagnostic imaging.