29.08.14 | 17:39

For the second time this year Fineman A/S is selected as the winner of a large EU tender within diagnostic monitors and services. Therefore the Region Capital (Region Hovedstaden) and Fineman A/S has signed an agreement for 4 years. The agreement covers all hospitals in the region. The agreement covers the supply of diagnostic monitors, monitoring, service and maintenance.

Under the same agreement The Region Capital has selected the Medical Service Software Server from Fineman A/S which is a real-time QA (Quality Assurance) management software system, which among others, offers the following advantages to the region:

- Maximized PACS workstation usage with highest diagnostic confidence

- Optimize asset management and budget control from anywhere, at any time

- Easy central management with minimum effort

- Secured and worry-free service solution for all medical workstations

- Central management of calibration and Quality Assurance according to international standards

- Effortless compliance with internationally accepted medical guidelines

- Central control of all PACS displays from anywhere

- 100% confidence in the equipment you use to make life-critical decisions in seconds

“This EU tender is another example that we achieve high synergy between our business areas, where we through our hardware business achieve side-effects for Fineman's other business areas within software, services, maintenance etc.”, says Martin Jensen - Sales manager at Fineman A/S.