Bytec SmartCart Mobile

Felxible use in different locations inside any medical institute

Flexible use in different locations inside any medical institute

The Smart Cart is the perfect example of practicality and ingenuity. Reliable, sturdy and secure, the Smart Cart is also flexible, highly manoeuvrable and ergonomically designed. The experience from various areas of medical applications were included to develop a product which perfectly follows the requirements and demands for mobile solutions in hospital use. Enterprise wide use of IT solutions is the key driver for the use of mobile carts in hospitals. Equipped with PC or Notebook, Panel PC or Display a wide variation of possible models are available. The cart can have additional baskets, hooks and mounting solutions to match with the existing and future hardware requirements.

  • Antibacterial Protection       
  • Flexible Use
  • Power Management
  • Height Adjustment
  • Highly Manoeuvrable
  • Reduces Cost

Features & Benefits


Designed for the use in the most sensitive areas of hospitals and medical enviroments, the Medi-Key helps to prevent the spread of infection with its innovative Human Computer Interface. An alarm can be set to remind the user to clean the keyboard. If a keyboard is cleaned every hours one time the level of contamination can be reduces by 95 % is the result of existing studies. Researchers collected samples from 25 computer keyboards at various locations inside University of North Carolina hospitals and found that each keyboard was infected with at least two types of bacteria, reports the science portal HealthCentral. Easy cleaning and the use of a Silver based inorganic anti-microbial agent, reduces the spread of infection from cross-contamination.

Power Management

The Smart CartTM features a power management and diagnostic system which allows for mains operated or mobile battery power and can power a standard PC, panel PC or any compatible laboratory equipment for up to 9 hours. Fast recharge function reduces the downtime to a minimum level.

Height Adjustment

The worktop is height adjustable to suit the operators needs. Fingertip control´s on theside of the unit allow the user to effortlessly raise and lower the work surface. Driven by a powered motor this adjustment is guaranteed to be smooth and controlled.

Ergonomic Design

The keyboard and touchpad are both intuitive and easy to use, offering the very best user experience based on a research with clinicians and healthcare providers. The inbuild trackpad is an convenient and familiar interface, easy to use and clean with no grooves or dirt traps.

Highly Manoeuvrable

Premium, heavy duty twin wheeled castors provide smooth mobility to the cart. Robust, lockable castors can take the everyday bumps and knocks associated with a busy medical environment. Easy to move without spending too much energy was the target for the development.


The goal is to provide cost-effective and tecnolically advanced solutions for clinical applications. Mobile carts are widely used throughout hospitals, improving patient safety by bringing technology to the point of care, from admissions and operating rooms to patient rooms . Medical Computing Carts are an tool in a hospital's most critical care environment such as the OR, ICU, or ER  and makes.