Olorin ML207D

20,1" Grayscale LCD Display

20” Grayscale LCD Display

Olorin MedicLine ML207D is a 10 bits monochrome 2 megapixel medical monitor with preprogrammed grayscalefunction in accordance with DICOM-14 specifications. The high brightness and contrast ensure a perfect reproduction of medical grayscale pictures in radiology and orthopedic applications. In combination with optionally PerfectLUM software to provide Matrox or other medically certified video card and Qubix DICOM the display can be also calibrated. Provided with ALC (Automatic Luminance Control) the display can guarantee its picture quality for a long time. The display has been medically approved (EN60601-1), FCC and CE.

  • High Brightness 700cd/m2
  • 1600 x 1200 native resolution (2 Mpixel)
  • High contrast ratio of 1000 : 1
  • Landscape and Portrait
  • VGA and DVI-D input
  • 170° wide viewing angle

Features & Benefits


The ML207D is the perfect solution for viewing application in highest performance. Equipped with DVI and VGA input the display can be connected to different controllers and systems. 2 Megapixel can be presented to the observer with 10Bit performance.

Universal use

The possibility to use the product either in landscape or in portrait format together with the capability of the product to allow analog or digital input signal is supporting various medical applications.

10 BIT grayscale

The ML207D display employ a high quality LCD panel with the possibility to display 10BIT grayscale pictures.

Very Wide Viewing Area with high contrast

Both 170 degrees, Vertical and Horizontal viewing angles are achieved ensuring much easier viewing of the panel from different positions with a high screen contrast ratio.

ALS integrated

In order to secure the adjusted picture performance for a long time the ML207D is equipped with an internal stabilization called ALS (Automatic Lumince Stabilizer)


The ML207D with its grayscale panel with 700cd/m2 can be integrated in existing PACS envirments for the viewing or diagnostics of X-ray pictures. In orthopedics, radiology or also at the modality fro picture acquisition control the ML207D is a perfect solution.

Technical Specifications

Model ML207D    
LCD size (inch) 20,1“    
Touchscreen -    
Viewing Angle Vertical and Horizontal Viewing 170°    
Max. Brightness 700cd/m2    
Contrast Ratio 1000 : 1    
Resolution 1600 (H) x 1200 (V)    
Response time 25mS    
Digital Input Standard DVI connector    
Analog Input Video: 0.7Vpp/75 ohm,
Sync: Separate TTL level, composite sync or sync on Green,
Hor: 30~92KHz, Ver: 50~85Hz
Compatible Digital Analog DVI, up to VESA 1600x1200@60Hz,
1200x1024@75/60Hz, VESA
VESA 800x600@85/75/72/60/ 56Hz, VESA 640x480@85/75/72/ 60Hz, Super VGA, VGA, Mac 832x624 @75Hz, Power Mac and more
Video -    
External connector Digital input: DVI-D x l, Analog
input: 15-D sub x1, Power: DC in,
Serial port x 2, USB up stream x1, USB down stream x 2
Cables 15 pin D-sub cable x1,
Optional: DVI cable
Plug & Play VESA DDC2B    
User Control and indicator Dual controle x1 for Power and
multi-language OSD, Power indicator x 1, Pre-Vu OSD: contrast,brightness, auto adjust, clock, phase, color romp, hor position,ver position, input select (digital/ analog), OSD, color camp mode, calibration mode and key lock
Backlight stabilizer (ALS) automatic luminance stabilizer    
Base Stand Tilt, swivel, height and pivot four
ways adjustable
Power Supply Input: 100~240Vac, 1.5A, 60/50Hz,
universal Output: 12VDCc, 5A
Power consumption On: <80W; active off: <8W    
Power management EPA Energy Star compliant    
Agency approvals FCC, CE, CUL UL TUV/GS, VCCI,
TC099 Medical standard UL CSA
Dimensions (WxHxD) 453 x 467 x251mm    
Weight Net: 11 kg