16.01.14 | 17:17

After a tough competition, Fineman A/S has won the EU tender (2013 / S 196-338227) in Region Syddanmark (Region Southdenmark). The Region and Fineman has agreed signing an agreement covering diagnostic monitors, related accessories and services. The agreement covers all hospitals in the region and can be extended for another three years.

It is the region's goal that this EU tender most support the regions goal of reducing waiting lists for diagnosis and treatment in the region, and also support the region's goal to be able to provide treatment at the highest possible level.

"…We have offered high quality products at highly competitive prices, and it is our expectation that the agreement with Region Syddanmark will mean more regions sees us as a primary supplier of healthcare equipment and services. Furthermore we see a good synergy in covering a wide product portfolio, where we through our hardware business support Fineman's other business areas", says CEO Jesper Fineman.