About Fineman GmbH

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As a subsidiary of Fineman A/S a well established distributor for Imaging products in Scandinavia.
Fineman GmbH was founded in May 2009 becoming a distributor for medical imaging products.
Since the inception of LCD technology. Fineman has concentrated on and specialized in this field. As a specialist we offer a wide range of innovative solutions for medical applications. Our service includes customized adaptations as well as professional services in all areas.

With the experience of the team, working since a long time in the field of medical applications. Fineman GmbH is concentrating on this business segment with its very special demands and needs. The understanding of the requirements combined with the portfolio of high-end products and solutions is the guarantee for our partners to be “Up to Date” with professional solutions at every time. 
In medical applications a noticeable shift was marked during the last years, “Digitalisation” was now finding its way into diagnostic and viewing workplaces in hospitals and medical institutes. This growing demand was the reason to concentrate only on medical applications and to become a major player in our local market.

The coopration with Barco, the named market leader in medical diagnsotic, was the first imporatnt milestone for Fineman GmbH in Germany which was set. The innovative and high quality display products of our product range will be used for acquisition, primary and secondary diagnostics, review application, video applications in endoscopy and surgery being the man-machine interface for clinicians and doctors.

  • Graphic Boards
  • Large Screens
  • Mounting Solutions
  • Review Displays
  • Diagnostic Displays
  • Software
  • Surgical Displays
  • Hygienic Keyboards
  • Endoscopy Displays
  • Mobile Carts
  • Medical Computing Systems
  • Support, Service & Maintenance

Medical keyboard solutions, panel PCs and mobile Cart solutions can be offered in additions, following todays needs and demands for hygienic to avoid infections in hospitals.

The territory covered is Central Europe while taking germany as first priority. Indirect sales and a strong and professional support for our partners will be the way to our future success.
As we understand our customers as our partners, customers satisfaction is always playing the most important role in our business. Customer partnership is a shared journey to create a future for both parties that is better than either could have developed alone.

In today's turbulent times of rapid and chaotic change, "no force is more grounding and stabilizing than a partnership with customers.” Our goal is to create a "we" environment – where differences are valued and used as stepping stones to create true win-win outcome.

About the history of Fineman GmbH

2009 May Fineman GmbH is founded in Germany

2009 August Distribution Agreements with CIM-Med, Barco among others 

2011 March Launch of a new Website 

2013 September Moving to a new office address