About Fineman A/S

Headquarter Birkerød '11

Our company in Birkerød, close to Copenhagen, stepped into the market  in 1991 becoming a distributor for IT peripherals.
Since the inception of LCD technology Fineman has concentrated on and specialized in this field. The sales, marketing, service and support teams has focused and sharpened their skills over many years. Imaging of processes in industrial, medical or other very special environments is requesting products adopted perfectly to the needs of this applications.

We at Fineman are providing our customers a unique portfolio in our market segments. As a specialist we offer a wide range of innovative solutions for industrial and professional applications.   Our service includes customized adaptations as well as professional services in all our business areas.

In an industry that is constantly re-inventing itself, Fineman has remained one step ahead of the competition for more than 20 years. Originally founded as a IT distribution company, Fineman made   a name for itself with reliable and high performance Imaging products, distributed in the IT markets. Later the Display Market began to define itself, and with that came the need also for distribution companies to look beyond the “off-the shelf” solution.

In medical applications a noticeable shift was marked during the last years, “Digitalisation” was now finding its way into diagnostic and viewing workplaces in hospitals and medical institutes.

This growing demand was the reason to concentrate more on medical applications where today Fineman is playing a major role in its local market. Today the company is supporting the Scandinavian market with products developed to follow the demands of the key markets the company is working on.

Applications for our products include automation, measurement and test engineering, medical technology, medical imaging in all areas, marine and military applications, Digital Signage as well as Point of Information (POI) and Point of sales (POS).

A lean organization and expeditious decision making processes allow us to act fast and remain flexible on customer requirements. Due to efficient logistics and our ERP-system we can assure a fast and safe delivery of our goods. A strict QS-system as well as extensive in process and final inspections for products with 100% testing of system solutions before shipment ensures a high degree of quality and reliability in our products and solutions. Additionally we provide complete after sales technical support, RMA and repair services.

Our people are at the heart of our company and together we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to you and your customer.

Today Fineman A/S  plays the role of “Special Imaging Distributor”. Our typical customer is looking to differentiate themselves from their competition; by choosing an Fineman display solution they can do just that. Customers experience what it is like to work with a company with its key competence in imaging applications in different segments of the market; we manage your inquiry in a professional and reliable way.

Fineman A/S  is proud of its rich heritage, in an industry in which companies come and go, remaining ahead of the competition is a remarkable accomplishment. We continue to supply products and solutions to meet a need not yet addressed by existing solutions.

Given the choice between being biggest or best, Fineman chooses to be best. Only by being best can we develop competitive products and solutions for our customers and generate a solid return to our shareholders over time.

About the history of Fineman A/S

1984 The company was founded in Denmark as UniQ ApS

1991 The company changed form and became an "A/S" - (Private limited company - Ltd.)

1996 Became the leading manufactor of high-end workstations & Graphic-Distributor 

2001 The company was bought by the CEO and changed name to Fineman A/S

2003 Medical Division founded

2005 The company was rated as AAA by Dun & Bradstreet

2006 Received the largest order in Scandinavian for 800 diagnostic and clinical workplaces including service and maintenance from The Region Capital

2009 Fineman GmbH was founded in Germany

2012 Establishment of sales and partner channels in Sweden, Norway and Finland