Corporate Philosophy

Our goal is to enable our clients to do what they do best - earn profits from their core business, while we ensure that they comply with the requirements and needs in their applications. We understand the problems and opportunities in the international healthcare business. A fundamental truism in our business philosophy is to guard the interests of our clients as we allways solve new challenges.

We have a passion for what we do – and we believe you will see this in our products, our service and our team. The sales, marketing, service and support personnel has focused and sharpened their skills over many years. Imaging of processes in industrial, medical or other very special environments is requesting products adopted perfectly to the needs of this applications.

Innovation lies at our heart, we constantly challenge convention. Through fresh thinking we are continually first with new ideas and products that seize the initiative. Even as we’ve grown to be a top-ten provider, we have stayed innovative; striving to create our next advance. This ensures you will always be offered products that take full advantage of opportunities.

Products perfectly adopted to the market needs, this is what you will find in our product portfolio as we understand the target markets and its needs. In an industry that is constantly re-inventing itself, Fineman has remained one step ahead of the competition for more than 20 years.  Even at the time when the Display Market began to define itself, and with that came the need also for distribution companies to look beyond the “off-the shelf” solution we succeeded in changing our strategy according to market needs.

A lean organization and expeditious decision making processes allow us to act fast and remain flexible on customer requirements. Due to efficient logistics and our ERP-system we can assure a fast and safe delivery of our goods. A strict QS-system as well as extensive in process and final inspections for products with 100% testing of system solutions before shipment ensures a high degree of quality and reliability in our products and solutions. Our company is committed to professionalism, excellence, and value, and that is found in all of our services. Your success is the only reason for our success. Our people are at the heart of our company and together we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to you and your customer.

Customers experience what it is like to work with a company with its key competence in imaging applications in different segments of the market; we manage your inquiry in a professional and reliable way.

Given the choice between being biggest or best, Fineman chooses to be best. Only by being best can we develop competitive products and solutions for our customers and generate a solid return to our shareholders over time. 

We are always..... Committed to quality and professionalism !